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In Partnership

Couples go into partnership with good intention. Over time and given numerous complicating factors, some of that good intention may feel harder to access. Individuals may notice that negative patterns exist, that communication has become unproductive, and/or conflicts are not getting resolved. 

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My goal will be to begin by learning about each individual as well as the couple as its own entity. I will work to locate strengths and identify challenges. I remain focused on those strengths as we develop conflict resolution strategies and build communication skills that suit the couple today. If one or both of the individuals has experienced trauma, I will work within a trauma informed model to establish an understanding of where trauma is presenting itself within the relationship.


I am a Level 2 trained Gottman Couples Therapist and I use strategies from that orientation as a guide and a tool where it feels like a great resource for that specific couple. I also call on information from each person's history, their attachment orientation, and patterns that may pre-date the partnership. I look for good intention and resource compassion where it is available. 

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