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Gather and Grow Together

Groups offer a special option for mental health support and growth. My groups bring participants together for weekly meetings. I provide a virtual space and the expertise to support the group while maintaining a safe environment to connect and grow. Together.

Coworkers Talking on Video Conference

New Parents Wellness Group 

Becoming a parent is one of the most abrupt and significant changes to identity that a person will ever experience. Parenting books do not help bridge the gap between your identity and life before parenthood to where you are today. This workshop offers a space to explore this gap and develop tangible steps to reaching a more balanced life.

New Beginnings Group

If you are starting a new endeavor or your life's journey took an unexpected turn, the support of others can help smooth what may feel like a rough transition. This group is for people who have had a recent and significant life transition. We will work together through the stages of grief, in building hope, and in knowing that even in unchartered waters, you do not need to "go it" alone.

Parenting Group - Post Trauma or Loss

Experiencing trauma or loss can feel unbearable. Being the parent of a child who has experienced significant loss or trauma can be terrifying because as a parent, you may feel a sense of responsibility to understand your child's emotions and how to manage them. Gathering parents with the shared challenge of supporting children after a traumatic event or loss offers a community of those who understand in a way few others do. As the group facilitator, I will offer psycho-education and help guide supportive conversation with the goal of empowering the parent as they navigate this uncharted territory.

New groups will be available this summer! To learn more about future offerings, email me at

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