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Prenatal Workshop 

Enter parenthood with more than the to-do books have to offer. Explore yourself, strengthen your coping skills and build support with other soon-to-be parents.

Post-Partum Wellness Workshop 

Becoming a parent is one of the most abrupt and significant changes to identity that a person will ever experience. Again, the parenting books don't really help with bridging the gap between who you were before parenthood and who you are today. This workshop offers a space to explore this gap and develop tangible steps to reaching a more balanced life.

Socially Conscious Parenting Workshop

Explore ways to engage yourself as a tool to form the building blocks of a socially conscious child. A "socially conscious child" is exposed to diverse cultures, philosophies, and environments through books, dialogue and in-person exposure. The workshop offers an introduction to basic themes of subconscious bias, privilege and race in an effort to gain self-awareness and (as best we can) break the cycle of discrimination and prejudice in child rearing.