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Counseling for Couples, Groups and Individuals

Offering goal oriented and customized approaches to address issues of anxiety, depression, and conflict resolution within yourself and in relationship.

You Are Not Alone

You may be looking to address feelings of frustration, disappointment or distress. You may feel lost, stuck or confused. You may notice that even the best of relationships feel distant and strained. Having these feelings are uncomfortable, especially when accompanied by disappointment... then guilt. 

So much happens in life and in relationship. The pressures, unknowns, and concerns can feel overwhelming. If you feel that there must be a better way to live but don't feel you have the tools, you have come to the right place.

I can help

I am a licensed counselor with over fifteen years of clinical experience. I offer goal-oriented therapy for individuals and couples focused on creating healthy and balanced progress in their lives by honoring our selves, making connections, identifying tools, and using the strength from within. More about me

Guiding you towards strength, peace, and well-being

Working with yourself and not against yourself is essential in cultivating a purposeful life. Our work together involves increasing your awareness, validating your experience and celebrating your inner strengths.

Your feelings matter

It's easy to lose direction when negative thoughts distract you. I’ll teach you how to quiet the noise, tune into your intuition and trust your feelings.

When the past is present

We will explore how your experience of the present may be informed by your past, safely tending to old wounds. Honoring our self and our past creates space to thrive.

Good therapy starts here. Book your initial call today.

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