Outstanding Training
Diverse Experience

I am a clinical counselor with licensure in Illinois as well as California and offer online counseling in both states. I acquired an MA and M.Ed in Psychological Counseling at Columbia University in New York. I am also a Certified Trauma Informed Clinician. My virtual private practice is located in Lake Forest, IL.


I realized that I wanted to become a therapist after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I had just been hired by New York Cares, a volunteer management organization that became a key contributor of human resources to the rescue and recovery efforts in and around Ground Zero. It was during this time that came face to face with the trauma experience of others. I gained a deeper understanding of the range of human experiences and emotions. I realized that my “calling" was to work alongside others in support of their journey to mental wellness. 

As a therapist, I have had the honor of working with individuals and couples who are focused on developing a healthier, more balanced, safe, and engaged life. Many, but not all  of my clients experienced some form of trauma or chaos in their younger years. Others may be working through situational distress. My style is compassionate and engaged. 


I have continued to work with trauma as well as anxiety and depression in adults. I also have extensive experience with addiction, which can be a byproduct of trauma, anxiety and/or depression. I have led group therapy in addiction recovery centers, an inpatient psychiatric hospital, and a college. 

When you contact me, we can set up a complimentary call (about 15 minutes) during which we will identify challenges and goals and explore if I’m the right counselor for you.