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Specialized Training
and Experience

I am a therapist because I am inspired and challenged by helping people heal and grow. I enter into relationship with curiosity, compassion and confidence that clients have all they need to find relief and thrive. My job is to identify, guide and support along the way.

I am Board Certified, have a Master of Arts and a Master of Education in Psychological Counseling from Columbia University. I am licensed in California and Illinois.


My goal

Is to help clients to work with and not against themselves. I find that building a positive relationship with oneself opens them to limitless possibilities in life and love.

When you contact me

We will set up a discovery call (about 15 minutes) during which we will identify challenges and goals and explore if I may be a fit for your goals and needs.


I applaud your willingness to get started on this journey of self-exploration and am honored to help you find well-being and the purposeful, happy life you seek to live.
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