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Life Transitions

Though my practice welcomes all adults, I have a passion for supporting adults before, during and after major life transitions. Becoming a parent, major professional changes, a change in marital status, or a significant loss are times when we are vulnerable to disconnecting with ourselves in an effort to create/adjust to/survive our new reality. At a time of dramatic change and unknowns, I will hold steady in my vision and commitment to supporting who you are and what you need during this extraordinary time of life.


There is an over-abundance of literature supporting soon-to-be parents with the how-tos of caring for a newborn but very few that tackle the drastic identity transformation that occurs once the baby is born. Many new parents struggle to maintain self-care, manage expectations and create balance in their new role. Though nothing can prepare you fully for becoming a parent, I believe that counseling prior to delivery and soon after provide a consistent, compassionate and solid source for support and guidance. *Click here to learn more about parenting workshops.

Relationships - Personal and Professional

The beginning middle and end of relationships within our professional or personal lives require thought and understanding. Our lives are busy and easily distracting therefore it's critical to carve out time for ourselves to explore the conscious and subconscious urges that drive our behaviors within relationship. Once changes are in motion, it's easy to develop anxiety about the unknown future and lose focus on maintaining your most healthy self within the change itself. Having someone who is confidential and in your corner opens the opportunity for this tremendous change to become the beginning of a rewarding and fulfilling next chapter. 

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